Whats New?

8-25-2002 Posted a new Tutorial on animating walk cycles in the Learn section. Have fun!

3-31-2002 Completely overhauled the links page. Needed to do that for a long time.

4-25-2001 Posted a  new mini tutorial by Ron Lemen on how to draw the human hand in the learn section.

3-10-2001 Finally started the long and tedious process of updateing this site. Probably be a few weeks before all the changes are done. Also began working on new tutorials for the learn section. If you don't see the navigation bar to the left click here. To let me know what you think of the new page style click here.

1-08-2001 Happy New Year everyone. Just a few more weeks till Myst3:Exile goes final. Once that gets wrapped up I'll be expanding this site with new tutorials, artwork and animation.

9-02-2000 Posted a great new 3DS Max Specific tutorial by guest artist Emile Ghorayeb that deals with expressions and morphing.

8-29-2000 New Head Modeling Tutorial in the learn section. More to come. New cast on the leg. Tendon is healing nicely so far.

8-01-2000 Waiting for the sky to fall on my head.

7-25-2000 Had surgery to repair my Achilles Tendon. Can my life suck anymore.

7-19-2000 Ruptured my Achilles Tendon playing on the Beach.

7-17-2000 Stopped vomiting due to eggplant poisoning.



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