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Immortal3D Home of Raymond the mouse and Michael Loeck the animator.
Yoonieland Awesome comic book artist and all around genius.
Hierographics Real time 3D artist and character animator.
Kelly Standard She's the BOMB. Amazing texture artist and Painter.
Comet Cartoons A fountain of information on character animation and Max.
Spicey Cricket Home of Spicy Cricket, Angie Jones and more.
TeamGT Francis Tsai & Linda Glaze, Conceptual Designer and Architect.
FilRobb Phil Robb, lead artist at EA Pacific. Some great desighn and 3D work.
DigitalDerek Derek Becker, a great artist and one of the nicest people I've ever met.
Ron Lemen Ron Lemen, Master Painter, Artistic genius and my own personal savior!!!
Vanessa  Lemen This girl is badass. I guess that's why Ron married her.
SYNJ Home of the Orangeyfats,  Koy and my personal favorite, The Quik-E gallery.
Sam Gebhardt Cool stuff, Check it out, nuff said.
Victor Navone The Man, the Myth, the Legend. Get your Alien Singin' here.
Azimuth Design Mike James is a nut. Amazing Resin cast Scuplture and Photagraphy.
SpiraLoid Bat Raitt is simply an amazing modeler and character artist.
Theresa Pudenz I love this girl. SO cute. Fiance of SYNJ.
Agent 44 Jake Parker is a fantastic illustrator.
Mike Posis I work with this guy. Check out the painting.
Nate Clowar I work with this guy too. Awesome modeler.
Stefan Pruss Badass animator. I'm a big fan.
McSteed's Chris Neuhahn is a nut. Ex-Pestonian with an odd sense of humor. His site will make you laugh.
Seegmiller Art What can I say about this guy other than HE RULES.
Whitehouse Animation Steve Whitehous's Mr.Man Progam is brilliant. Check it out.
Pascal Blanch This guy rocks, nuff said
Rust Boy Brian Taylor's site. Can't wait to see his short when it releases
Carlos Baena Amazing animator, Nuff said
Kieth Lango Great animator and a great guy!
Lots of Robots Andy Murdocks wonderful fairytale.
Dramatic Music Jamey Scott, composer, sound designer, all around audio king. If you need audio for your next project, check him out. Tell him I sent you.
Tracy Koehring Presto texture artist and super cool hip chic.
Phil Saunders Ex Creative Director of Presto and amazing designer. I've learned alot from this guy. Wish he was still here!
Frank Vitale Freelance GOD. He does great work and he's a great guy.
Tito A. Belgrave Talented Artist and one heck of a great guy!


Web Forums   
Digital Art Forum Dhabih's wildly popular art forum..
Digital Sculpting Forum Bay Raitt's scuplting forum. The best resource for digital modeling around.
cgTalk Simply the best, most complete forum's on the web.
The Drawing Board Shane Glines drawing forum. Great place to post and learn.
CG-Char The best resource for CG Character animators on the web.
CG-chat Nice forum and a great site!
Conceptual Design Forum If you're into concept design, this is the place to be!
Pixeltwisters Forums Tom McGuire's super cool forum that allow's you to upload images and host them locally. Tell all your friends to visit this palce and post some stuff.
Discreet Discussion Forums 3D Studio Max support forum
Max Forums 3D Studio Max learning resource


Animation Resource  
CG Char The best resource for CG Character animators on the web.
Animation Foundation Greate site with alot of content and interviews.
Animation Meat Amazing site with tons of stuff. Go there now!
3DARK Zero's amazing site that seems to go on and on, forever and ever, and just when you think you're getting somewhere, you find 10 more cool things to look at.
Kieth Lango Kieth Lango's pop-through tutorial. He's also an amazing artist!
Karmatoons Traditional anmation Resource and drawing lessons
Carlos Baena Animation Material Tons of material to download and absorb. Great resource


3D Gallery and Resource  
Major 3D Christ St.Jean's amazing gallery and artist resource. One of the best sites on the web!
Zoorender Good gallery and some fun links.
RAPH Huge gallery with tons of artists. Great source for inspiration.
3DLUVR Massive site with great content.
3D Festival I check this site every day, you should too.
Highend 3D Cool site. good resource. Go take a look.
InsideCG Fantastic site with lots of CG related news.
3d Cafe Good general 3D resource.
3DTotal Great site with interesting content. Great source for CG related news.
Filmwatcher The place to go if you like indy film's and animation.


3D Studio Max Resource  
Max Plugins Free Plugins for 3DS Max.
Max3d 3DS Max links, tutorials and more free plugins.
Script Spot Best Max script resource on the web.
Digimation Commercial plugins for Max.
Max Underground After a long hiatus they're back. Good soure of Max related news.
Discreet The makers of 3DS Max.
Max User's Dimation's artist resource center


Fun Stuff  
Presto Studios This is where I work.
Spumco Web Cartoons for me and you. Great place to buy movies online.
Myst3:Exile Shameless self promotion
Amazon Books, music, media. They sell it.
Ebay Find and purchase just about anything. I'm a big fan of her music.